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Roast Halloumi Tray

This roast halloumi bake is a great way to clear out the cupboards. I tend to use vegetables I have leftover, if I have chickpeas I add them in or sometimes instead of lentils some rice or pasta. Its a quick dinner to prepare and make. The olives give a […]


Potato Boxty

St Patrick’s day is just around the corner and this potato boxty would make the perfect brunch. When cooking try and spread it thinly on the pan as this ensures a nice crispiness to the boxty. I serve this with some spring onions and a dip made out of mayonnaise […]

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Potato Cakes

If you are starting to run low on supplies during this blizzard, this is the perfect reusable meal. Actually I feel lucky that my posts this week relate to reusing leftover ingredients, which is good timing with this weather! Believe me it was not intentional. This dish is using some […]

Potato Gratin
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Potato Dauphinoise

This is an extremely moorish meal which is one of my favourites. It is perfect with any Sunday roast with the leftovers for a Monday lunch! Pre boiling the potatoes reduces the cooking time and also I used Cheddar cheese but usually I would try use Gruyere cheese whenever I […]

Colcannon pies
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Colcannon pies

Paddies day is nearly here and all this week I will be posting up recipes which are inspired by this day! I have tried to place a twist on these traditional recipes like below these Colcannon pies. I love the traditional Cabbage and potato Colcannon but it is usually served […]