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Ginger and lemon cake
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Ginger and Lemon cake

Get ready for the weekend with this lovely Ginger and Lemon cake. The weather outside may be bleak but this sweet and flavour full cake will take anyone’s mind of the weather. This cake tastes better the following day after baking it since it firms up a bit better and […]

Ginger beer
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Ginger beer

This ginger beer is a simple recipe but very refreshing. It is a perfect drink for a sore throat since the ginger juice really hits the back of the throat. I have juiced the ginger using a juicer but it also also be grated and squeezed by hand.

Carrot, apple and ginger juice
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Carrot, ginger and apple juice

This carrot, ginger and apple juice is a lovely sweet juice and the ginger just adds an element of sharpness. I always think of these homemade juices as little vitamin boosters especially after a busy week where I just need a little uplift. These homemade versions are so much cheaper […]

Wake me up juice
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Wake me up juice!

This wake me up juice is a variation of the classic hot water and lemon juice but it is cold and contains ginger and coconut water. It def wakes me up in the mornings. It contains only three ingredients so it is really simple and quick to make. This is […]

Dim Sum Buns
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Dim sum buns

These dim sum buns always got my attention whenever I head of them, what were they like,  where could I taste them….. So since I could never find them while dining out I decided to give them a go. I made this the night before to save time and then […]