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This brioche can be prepared the night before and is perfect for popping into the oven on a Sunday morning for breakfast. It is a lot easier to make than I thought and it’s not so sweet as the store bought versions which can be sickly at times. This is […]

Yoghurt bowl
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Yoghurt Bowl

This yoghurt bowl is filling and delicious for during the week. I usually make the syrup the night before and just combine all the ingredients the next morning. The Almonds also add a nice crunch to the dish while the Pomegranate add small bursts of flavour.

Strawberry poptarts
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Strawberry poptarts

I always loved pop tarts with their crispy exterior and soft sweet centres…. I decided to try and make some over the weekend and the results were amazing and it was really simple to make. They are not as sweet as the commercial alternatives which I prefer but they tend […]

Breakfast Bars
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Breakfast bars

This week the posts will be focused on the Raw food theory. This theory is based on food which is not cooked allowing it to maintain a higher nutritional value. I have kept the recipes simple and quick to make and they are best prepared the night before to allow […]