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This week I will be focusing on recipes for different versions of dough balls. This recipe is for the basic doughballs and will be the base recipe for the different versions. Any dips can be used for these but the garlic butter is my favourite.

Breads, Recipes


This brioche can be prepared the night before and is perfect for popping into the oven on a Sunday morning for breakfast. It is a lot easier to make than I thought and it’s not so sweet as the store bought versions which can be sickly at times. This is […]

Breads, Recipes

French Baguette

These french baguettes like any other bread is best freshly made. The four of these were devoured within a few hours. The dough can also be frozen to be used again. Baking this type of bread in a moist oven helps make the crust really crispy, thus why I placed […]