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Breakfast Bagel

This is a really easy to make but when using the grill always keep an eye on the food as it can burn quickly. This is fantastic breakfast for the weekends when there is a bit more available time. I would usually have the bagels made the day before or […]

Tofu sushi
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Tofu and avocado sushi

With my body overloaded with choc and sugar this weekend I am focusing on light and more nutritional food. So I have developed light sushi meals which would be perfect for lunch or supper. I always find it hard to get vegetarian sushi options so I decided to experiment with […]

Avocado salad
Light Meals, Recipes

Charred avocado salad

This charred avocado salad is so colourful and tasty, I can never get enough. The cranberries add a sweetness while the avocado adds the creaminess. I just discovered this Avocado oil and it works perfectly with this salad. It has become more popular recently and can be purchased at any […]