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Piccalilli is an English version of an Indian Pickle which contains a variety of vegetables with a pickling liquid of vinegar, mustard and turmeric. After it is prepared I usually leave it in the fridge for about a week before opening for the flavours to develop but it can be […]

Pickled Plums
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Pickled plums

At this time of the year there is always a crop of fruit and vegetables in the garden which needs to be used up. So I decided this year to get into Pickling. To sterilise the jars, I washed them in hot soppy water and dried them off in a […]

September review

September Review

At this time of year it is really beginning to feeling like Autumn which means Halloween is just around the corner and below are some of my favourite recipes, treats and events to celebrate this time of the year. I have never done anything special at Halloween except dressing up […]

Banoffee pie
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Banoffee Pie

I recently have cravings for Banoffee pie, bananas, cream, caramel and chocolate ummmm. Be careful cooking the caramel as it can get very hot. This is a very filling dessert so leave a little room in the tummy after dinner or just have it on its own…