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Falafel mezze bowl
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Falafel Mezze bowl

Mezze is a Mediterranean term used to describe small dishes usually served as starters. I have combined a variety of these small dishes to create a moreish and filling dinner. The combination of the hummus with the cous cous salad really lifts this dish while the tahini dressing adds an […]

August review

Foodie Review August

With the end of summer coming ever so close, I have a bucket list of restaurants and places I want to visit in the last few weeks of mild weather. I have been looking at vegan and vegetarian restaurants all over Ireland and here is my list that I want […]

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Butternut squash lasange

This butternut squash lasange is really filling and easy to make. This is perfect pre-made for lunches or dinner during the week. The lasange keep a al dente texture and adds a element of crispiness on the top layer. I usually serve this with some tomato salad and some rocket […]

Tomato Salad
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Tomato and bread salad

This tomato and bread salad is a perfect side for sharing with any dinner. I always just add the bread to the salad before serving so the bread will stay crispy and not absorb too much dressing. This dish is really beautiful when different coloured cherry tomatoes are used, it […]

Tomato soup
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Tomato soup

This tomato soup is perfect for lunches during the week. The honey in this recipe adds a bit of sweetness to soften down the acidity of the tomatoes and the garlic balances out the flavours. Sometimes I add some roasted red pepper into this soup to add a bit of […]