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When it comes to bread, I love the quick n easy versions and this flatbread recipe is the perfect example. It has only 3 ingredients and will only take a few mins to cook. Although be careful taking the hot oil out of the oven. This bread is perfect for […]

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Tomato Bruschetta

Tomato bruschetta is always my favourite light snack on a warm summer’s day. The cherry tomatoes are nice and sweet and the basil leaves makes it even more flavoursome. It is such a quick snack to make and the choice of bread is endless. I usually use whatever I have […]

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Cherry and choc sundae

Sundae’s are a real classic and this Cherry and choc sundae is so rich and delicious. Cherries are everywhere at the moment and I love their unique flavour. This sundae is simple and quick to make and the cherry sauce can be made the night before. This dessert will bring […]