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Dim Sum Buns
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Dim sum buns

These dim sum buns always got my attention whenever I head of them, what were they like,  where could I taste them….. So since I could never find them while dining out I decided to give them a go. I made this the night before to save time and then […]

Chocolate Affogato
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Chocolate Affogato

I recently discovered Affogato through friends while on holidays and I was intrigued! It is a Italian dessert which consists of a shot of hot espresso poured over a scoop of ice cream. The only barrier for me is I hate the taste of coffee…. So I decided to alter […]

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Pizza Florentine

Pizza always taste better the next day especially this Pizza Florentine! I decided to make the dough and sauce from scratch since it tastes a lot better but frozen pizza dough and passatta sauce can be used as a quick alternative. This is usually a dish which I make on […]

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Sesame coated Falafels

I always had a weakness for crispy Falafels but traditionally they are deep fried. So I developed this sesame coated falafels to be oven cooked and the sesame seeds add a bit more crunch while the centre remains moist and soft. These are perfect for the next day for lunch […]