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Vegetarian Cornish pasty

I have been intrigued with the concept of traditional Cornish pasty. These were cooked for Cornish miners for ease of carrying and storing down in the mines. The original version had dinner at one end of the pasty and dessert at the other. All cooked in the pasty. Some even […]

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Sesame seed tofu

This sesame seed tofu is a perfect starter/ side dish to any meal. The sesame seeds and cornflour creates a coating which adds to crunch of the tofu. I usually serve with chopped up spring onions and a dipping sauce made out of soya sauce and honey.

Light Meals, Recipes

Spiced cauliflower

This recipe has a milder spicey taste due to the addition of honey. The cauliflower turns so soft with the addition of crispy bits on the edges. This is an amazing side dish to any main course or mix through some roasted garlic & cous cous for a quick dinner.