Crispy sweet potato gnocchi with pesto and rocket

Crispy sweet potato gnocchi with pesto and rocket

Gnocchi was always one type of food which puzzled me when cooking. I was never won over with boiling them, then through a bit of research I found the epic solution, frying!  They go really crispy and soft in the middle. Stop backing away…. when I say frying I mean a tbsp or 2 of oil in a pan, not deep frying. I love serving them with pesto and rocket leaves, making it a lovely hot salad on a spring day.


  • 1 white potato cut into chunks
  • 1 sweet potato cut into chunks
  • 1 garlic clove diced finely
  •  1 egg yolk beaten
  •  1 tsp Nutmeg
  • 300g plain flour
  • 20g Parmesan
  • 20g pine nuts
  • A bag of fresh Rocket leaves


The night before:

  1. Boil the potato until tender.
  2. Mash them in a bowl until smooth.
  3. Mix in egg yolk, Nutmeg and garlic until combined.
  4. Add in flour and mix until a dough like mixture forms.
  5. Sprinkle flour on the counter and turn out dough.
  6. Knead until smooth.
  7. Divide dough into small fist size portions.
  8. Roll each portion into a thin long sausage and cut into 2cm chunks.
  9. Make a light indentation on each chunk by pressing down a fork which will allow the pesto to stick to the gnocchi.
  10. Place grease proof paper on a tray and arrange the gnocchi on it spaced evenly.
  11. Leave in fridge overnight to firm up.

Before serving:

  1. Heat up oil on saucepan and ensure it is smoking hot.
  2. Fry gnocchi on each side until brown.
  3. Toss the fried gnocchi with pesto, rocket, Parmesan and pine nuts.

Each time I serve this, my eyes are bigger than my belly and I always eat too much. It is a very filling meal so serve smaller portions than normal. This meal should cater for 2 people.

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