Mother’s day gift review

Mother’s day gift review

Mother’s day is next Sunday and I thought I would put up a post in time for ordering these editable gifts which I thought were a bit different and not too expensive. Some can be bought in high street stores and other’s I have found online, there is also links to recipes if you are entertaining on the day. Whatever the present, it is always the thought that counts…

Gift Idea no 1: Who would’nt love being treated to an afternoon tea! Fitzwilliam Hotel has a very nice selection to offer and one of the most stylish….

Gift Idea No 2: This is really interesting and Gin has become so popular the last few years, especially these flavoured varieties.

Gift Ideas No 3: These Prosecco Gummies from Sugar Sin looks amazing!!! They are under a tenner and can be bought in Brown Thomas or directly from Sugar Sin.

Gift Idea no 4: These chocolate message’s from are thoughtful and editable, a lot better than the cardboard version….

Gift Idea no 5: This fruit hamper from Donnybrook Fair looks so delicious and tasty. A welcome break from chocolate, well just a short break…

Gift Idea no 6: Although this is not editable, this mug with infuser is just so pretty with its flamingo graphics and so unusual, this can be purchased in John Lewis.

Gift Idea No 7: This cake looks so realistic and non editable! Not the cheapest cake but amazing…

Gift Idea No 8: These flowering teas from Solaris are so pretty and a lot more interesting than flowers…. but a glass teapot will be required to get the full benefit!


Next are a few recipes which I have found online which make perfect breakfast’s, brunch or lunch. Check out below…

Recipe No 1: Breakfast or brunch this recipe from Bon Appetit looks yummy. The herb butter looks tasty and I going to give this one a go…

Recipe No 2: This classic Victoria Sandwich from Donal Skehan is perfect to make for any evening visits…

Recipe No 3: Another great breakfast/brunch recipe. I’m a big fan of pancakes with berries and this recipe from Delicious Magazine looks tasty.

Recipe No 4: If you are making a dinner than this Mushroom Bourguignon from Jamie Oliver will satisfy any hunger….

That is all my gift and recipe ideas for now but I hope these will help you in any decisions to surprise your mum.

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