Marsh mellow and white chocolate rice krispies

Marsh mellow and white chocolate rice krispies

These Marsh mellows and white chocolate rice krispies are sticky to make but what I love about these homemade versions is the inconsistency of the mixture. Store bought versions has perfectly blended marsh mellow with krispies, mine has chunks of marsh mellows distributed throughout.  This was mostly due to the lack of strong arm muscles but I actually prefer it this way. The marsh mellows take a bit of time to melt, these took just over an hour and I popped a lid on top of the bowl to speed it up.


  • 200g Marsh mellows
  • 100g White chocolate, cut into chunks
  • 150g Rice Krispies
  • Handful of smarties


  1. Melt the marsh mellows in a bowl over simmering water to a sticky gooey consistency.
  2. Mix in the rice krispies, smarties and white chocolate.
  3. Line a deep tray or a plastic tub with clingfilm.
  4. Add in the marsh mellow mixture and place grease proof paper over.
  5. Press down on mixture to condense it down, remove the paper and pop into the fridge.
  6. Leave for an hour, cut and serve.

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