Gym food and accessories links

Gym food and accessories links

Below are several links to several snacks to eat before or after a gym session and several items which are on my wish list for the new year which would make my gym experience easier. I always find it insightful checking out new food blogs and what they are cooking! Even the photos alone are amazing and very appetising.


  • fig bars from Sprouted kitchen, these would be handy for a quick snack if going gym to work

  • romesco toast with avocado from Naturally Ella, maybe a bit heavy for before the gym but I could work up an appetite to devour this after

Gym Accessories

  • SHO drink flasks from Amazon, speaking of flasks my favourite range out at the moment which can hold hot and cold drinks

  • Love this gym bag from Adidas, the thing I love about this is the exterior ventilated zipped compartment for dirty clothes and shoes

  • Love this headband from Sweaty Beatty to tame any flyaway hairs

  • zip up front sports bra from Marks and Spencer, need i say more?

  • sweat wicking pants from sweaty beatty, the one thing I cant stand in the gym is clothes sticking to me when working out and the same for underwear, so this seems to be the answer!! Sweaty Beatty have a really good range of gym gear too so I will be checking them out in the new year

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