August review

Foodie Review August

With the end of summer coming ever so close, I have a bucket list of restaurants and places I want to visit in the last few weeks of mild weather. I have been looking at vegan and vegetarian restaurants all over Ireland and here is my list that I want try:

  • Sova food vegan butchers, Dublin – with its vegan versions of meat favourites, it certainly will make an interesting night.
  • Happy Pear – have opened a new restaurant in Clondalkin, I loved their menu in Greystones so I definitely will be making my journey out here
  • Cornucopia – this vegetarian restaurant has been opened since 1986 and the hot plate breakfast looks amazing. Perfect to cure any hangover…
  • The light house, Galway – This small vegetarian tea room has rave reviews online for its lunch menu. Next time I’m in Galway I’m popping it, watch out for updates!
  • Cafe Paradiso, Cork – what an amazing dinner menu, my mouth is watering already! Best of all I can order everything on it!
  • Home, Belfast – with vegetarian and vegan menus there is an excellent choice of dishes available. Just another excuse to make a trip to Belfast happen!

I’m been very interested in the amount of trails being developed around Ireland and these are a few which have caught my interest. Need to spend less time on the sofa watching box sets and spend a bit of time outdoors!

  • Irish Greenways – I have seen a lot of media cover on these routes over the past year and I would love to rent a bike and try one out over a weekend. There are 8 trails opened throughout Ireland and another few proposed to open in the next few years. The trails are for walkers and cyclists over beautiful scenic routes.
  • Irish Camino – Walks will occur over Heritage week (August 19-26th), check out other local events in your area.


  • this ice cream maker from Designist, it is a perfect small size and I cant wait to try it!
  • check out the new netflix movie ‘What the health’ interesting but scary documentary about the nations health and how big businesses influence it. Although I will be getting off the sofa to get outdoors…. no more excuses but this looks like a good one!
  • Hungry students vegetarian cookbook – for all those students getting ready for the start of an academic year
  • the veggie indian blog – beautiful photography and scrumptious recipes.


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