Weekly review 23/04/2017

Hey Guys hope ye are having a good week! The weather is getting better and with the long evenings and anticipation of upcoming holidays, I’m starting to feel like I’m finally shaking off the winter cobwebs! I have been trying to eat healthy all week following my indulgence last weekend and it did dive again Friday night over a Supermacs pizza but hey it was Friday….

  • I went to Umi Falefal last week and loved their Grilled Haloumi cheese sandwich! Def going back for another!
  • Not too sure how I’m feeling about the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino, looks like a sugar overdose….
  • Luvin Twinings salted caramel green tea, the aroma alone is amazing…

I have been looking at kitchen gadgets this week, which might save some time and frustration in the kitchen! I had so much fun and laughter looking up these quirky gadgets.

  • Nesse soup ladle from Designist, the design alone made me squeal with delight! It is fun, helpful and cheap.  Def purchasing one of these!
  • Deep tea diver from Fred, so funny, this would make anyone laugh if it was served up in their tea.
  • Pizza Scissors, yes pizza scissors, I have never heard of them before but they are a pretty good idea!
  • Hedgehog grater, grating suddenly got fun!
  • Mitten tongs, perfect for picking up ice cubes, saves your fingers getting cold!
  • Splash chopping board, unique and would never have thought this could be a chopping board!

In regards to blogs, here are a few inspiring recipes which I found this week:

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