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French Baguette

These french baguettes like any other bread is best freshly made. The four of these were devoured within a few hours. The dough can also be frozen to be used again. Baking this type of bread in a moist oven helps make the crust really crispy, thus why I placed […]

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Quick frozen smoothie

This smoothie is a variation of a recipe which I posted last year except that I prepare this in advance when I have a load of the ingredients available. I just place the ingredients in a freezer bag in the freezer and then I can just whizz it up with […]

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Prosecco Ice-cream

I am always anxious about making alcholic ice-cream since I am always worried that it may not freeze. This time though I had the ice-cream maker and it makes such a difference. It breaks up any large ice crystals and the ice-cream was a lot smoother. With my machie I […]

Prosecco Truffles
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These prosecco truffles are rich and tasty but they do require a bit of patience to set and make. The first time I tried to mould them was very tricky since the mixture kept melting in my hands after a few seconds, then I discovered a trick, if I rinsed […]

Gingerbread biscuits
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Gingerbread Biscuits

These gingerbread biscuits are so festive and can be used for decorating the tree if holes are made in them before baking. Plus cookie cutters come in so many different shapes and sizes, they can be really fun to make. These should be stored in an airtight container and they […]