Toffee Apples
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Toffee apples

These toffee apples are so delicious, apple and toffee are a match made in heaven! I prefer to quarter these when serving rather than biting straight in but each to their own. Golden sugar can be swapped for the Brown sugar but the brown sugar gives a more intense flavour. […]

White Irish soda bread
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White Irish soda bread

I was torn whether to make White Irish soda bread or the brown version. I decided to make the White version since I have always opted for the brown and every now and then, its good to have a change. There is very little ingredients required for this bread and […]

Stuffed Butternut squash
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Stuffed butternut squash

I have been eating Stuffed Butternut squash for years and it never disappoints. The saltiness of the Feta cheese compliments the sweetness of the Butternut squash while the Apricots and Olives adds such lovely textures and enriches the salty n sweet combo. The one Butternut squash stuffed will serve two […]

Lemon Meringue pie
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Lemon Meringue Pie

With the dark evenings quickly approaching I decided to make something a little refreshing and cheerful. So I decided it was time for Lemon meringue pie. Apart from the taste it leaves such a lovely fragrance in the kitchen while cooking. The taste is sharp and zingy and it is […]

Mushroom soup
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Mushroom Soup

I’m really big into my homemade soups since they are so simple to make and cheaper than the store bought versions. This mushroom soup is pretty basic but it can be upgraded for dinner parties or even at the weekend. Add a bit of grated truffle and white wine and […]