Light Meals, Recipes

Sesame coated Falafels

I always had a weakness for crispy Falafels but traditionally they are deep fried. So I developed this sesame coated falafels to be oven cooked and the sesame seeds add a bit more crunch while the centre remains moist and soft. These are perfect for the next day for lunch […]

Dips/Sauces/Jams, Recipes

Sweet chilli sauce

Sweet chilli sauce has always been a staple in my fridge but I was always concerned with the sugar level in the processed version. So I developed this alternative with honey substituted for the sugar. It is not so sweet as the processed version which I prefer but more honey […]

Main Meals, Recipes

Harissa traybake

This tray bake is so quick and easy to make, the Harissa paste can be made the night before and then just mixed through towards the end of cooking. Also the ingredients can be varied from Aubergines, sweet potatoes, cauliflower etc. This dish usually uses up what I have leftover […]