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Mushroom soup
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Mushroom Soup

I’m really big into my homemade soups since they are so simple to make and cheaper than the store bought versions. This mushroom soup is pretty basic but it can be upgraded for dinner parties or even at the weekend. Add a bit of grated truffle and white wine and […]

Avocado salad
Light Meals, Recipes

Charred avocado salad

This charred avocado salad is so colourful and tasty, I can never get enough. The cranberries add a sweetness while the avocado adds the creaminess. I just discovered this Avocado oil and it works perfectly with this salad. It has become more popular recently and can be purchased at any […]

Light Meals, Recipes

Tomato Bruschetta

Tomato bruschetta is always my favourite light snack on a warm summer’s day. The cherry tomatoes are nice and sweet and the basil leaves makes it even more flavoursome. It is such a quick snack to make and the choice of bread is endless. I usually use whatever I have […]