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Nut milk
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Almond Milk

I have been reading a lot about nut milks over the last few years and after a few experimental cooking sessions, I have discovered what I like to mix it with and what still needs dairy!  The only common thing between nut milk and dairy is the colour, the taste […]

Carrot, apple and ginger juice
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Carrot, ginger and apple juice

This carrot, ginger and apple juice is a lovely sweet juice and the ginger just adds an element of sharpness. I always think of these homemade juices as little vitamin boosters especially after a busy week where I just need a little uplift. These homemade versions are so much cheaper […]

Wake me up juice
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Wake me up juice!

This wake me up juice is a variation of the classic hot water and lemon juice but it is cold and contains ginger and coconut water. It def wakes me up in the mornings. It contains only three ingredients so it is really simple and quick to make. This is […]

Cleansing juice
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Pear and Celery juice

After all the rich foods and overeating over the Christmas, its time to start the new year with a bit of fresh vitamin packed juices! I have developed juices for over the week which has a beautiful combination of flavours and natural ingredients. Previously I have tried juice detox days […]

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Festive nutroast

Nutroast is my favourite option for a Christmas dinner and sometimes as part of a Sunday roast. It has plenty of texture and flavour and even though it takes a bit of preparation it is def worth it. I always test to see if it is cooked by piercing with […]

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Hot mulled apple juice

This hot mulled apple juice is the non alcholic version but there are various different variations with Alcohol, one is the replacement of apple juice with Cider and another version is the addition of Pimms alchol. The Pimms version is my favourite but I try and keep this drink non […]

Baileys hot chocolate
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Baileys hot chocolate

Anyone who has known me over the years is aware that hot chocolate is my favourite sweet treat. Although at this time of the year I get a bit more indulgent at times and add in a dash of baileys to make it more richer. It is the perfect midweek […]