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Aubergine cheesy bake

This aubergine cheesy bake is the real comfort food. The cheese just binds everything together while the tomato sauce melts into the aubergine. This meal is perfect with a side salad or even on its own.

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Marble Cake

This cake is simple and fun to make. It is perfect for a picnic or as a pick me up during tea. I love the way the colours melt into each other and swirling them together is relaxing. Some melted chocolate can always be drizzled on top or chocolate chips […]

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Crispy Onions

These crispy onions when added as a topping to pasta dishes, pizzas, burgers or even curries just bring the dish to another level. The crunchiness and sweetness is amazing but they are not a regular in most shops, so they are difficult to buy. I decided to make my own […]

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Oven baked Onion Rings

I have always loved onion rings but I prefer the breadcumb version over the batter plus these are oven baked which I feel healthier eating! Your fingers can get sticky making these so just rinse often since the flour and beadcrumbs can get clumpy. I added some Paprika to the […]

Light Meals, Recipes

Green Bean Salad

This green bean salad only takes a few minutes to prepare and the dressing enhances the flavours creating a sweetness to the salad. I would usually serve this along other salads or as a side to a mains. I would always trim the stalks off the broccoli and top n […]