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Butternut squash & ricotta pasta bake

This time of year I love Pasta bakes. The weather is gettin cooler, the evenings darker and a hot creamy pasta bake just adds some comfort after a hard day at work. I try to make these the day before so I can just pop it into the microwave for […]

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Breakfast Club Sambo

This week I will be focusing on club sandwich combinations. These are a complete meal in one and something which I can never find when I eat out. I have combined my favourite ingredients to create the utilimate mega sandwiches. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did. […]

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Vegetarian Cornish pasty

I have been intrigued with the concept of traditional Cornish pasty. These were cooked for Cornish miners for ease of carrying and storing down in the mines. The original version had dinner at one end of the pasty and dessert at the other. All cooked in the pasty. Some even […]